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Your submission

Compete for Best in State and Best in Region

Your team’s submission will include essay and video components. Take a look at our judging rubric, which shows the criteria our judges will use to score your submission. It has helpful clues for how to create a winning presentation.

By November 18, 2016, you must submit essay responses to the following four prompts:

  1. Statement of the problem (200 words)

    • Clearly describe the identified problem or issue in your school or community. 
    • Explain how this problem affects your school or community. 
  2. Your mobile app solution (200 words) 

    • Describe your team’s mobile app concept.
    • Explain how your concept solves the identified problem.
  3. Uniqueness of your mobile app solution (200 words) 

    • Explain what makes your mobile app concept unique.
    • Clarify how your concept differs from mobile apps currently available.
  4. Mobile app features (200 words) 

    • Describe the mobile technology features present in your app concept.
    • State how those features provide a viable mobile technology solution to the problem.

Also by November 18, you must submit a three-minute video demonstrating how your team’s mobile app concept will help users solve the problem you have identified. See the Make Your Video page for ideas and tips. In your video, be sure to: 

  • Clearly articulate the identified problem and why it is important to address.
  • Convey your team’s vision for how the key features of your mobile app solution will solve this problem.
  • Use engaging visual elements, such as graphics, storyboards, role playing, and vignettes.

Upload your video link to either YouTube or Vimeo. In the title, include the hashtag #VZAppChallenge and provide the file link via the contest submission page. If you cannot upload to YouTube or Vimeo, exceptions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Click here for contest-specific instructions on uploading your video.

Teams must also upload completed school/faculty/nonprofit authorization forms and student release forms:

Compete for Best in Nation

 To compete for Best in Nation, Best in Region teams present their app concept in an online webinar to a panel of professional judges. The judges evaluate:

  • Your description of the problem and the need for it to be resolved
  • Your vision of how your mobile app concept will address this issue
  • Your presentation of how your app concept leverages the unique capabilities of a mobile technology solution

Compete for Fan Favorite

All Best in State teams are eligible to compete for the title of Fan Favorite, which is chosen by popular vote. The teams’ video submissions are posted on the app challenge website, and the public is invited to vote for their favorite. The Fan Favorite winning team receives the same prizes as the Best in Nation teams.

With the help of MIT App Inventor Master Trainers, Best in Nation and Fan Favorite winning teams will develop their concepts into working apps. They must submit their working apps by June 1, 2017, in order to attend the National TSA Conference in Orlando, Florida.