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Past winners

Below are some of the national-level winning teams from past years. Click each square for more information about the team and its app concept. Also visit the Apps page to download and try some of the working apps built by these teams.

Resaca Middle School
6th - 8th Grade
Los Fresnos, Texas
App Name: Hello Navi

The Hello Navi app was designed to help blind and visually impaired students navigate inside a school building.

Bronx Academy of Promise
6th - 8th Grade
S. Bronx, New York
App Name: Quest Math

The Quest Math app uses students’ love of Greek mythology in a game that helps improve math skills and increases basic math computation speed.

Tri-Tech Skills Center
9th - 12th Grade
Kennewick, Washington
App Name: Safe & Sound

Created by teens for teens, the Safe & Sound app offers ways to manage stress and feelings of depression.

Westford Academy
9th - 12th Grade
Westford , Massachusetts
App Name: Tactillium

The Tactillium app brings engaging chemistry education to younger students and underfunded school districts.

Upper St. Clair High School
9th - 12th Grade
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
App Name: A Look Inside

A Look Inside explores the inner workings of inventions and machines through a virtual take-apart system.

Cab Calloway School of the Arts
9th - 12th Grade
Wilmington, Delaware
App Name: VirDoc

The VirDoc app provides a virtual cadaver for students to dissect and learn anatomy.